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About Estepona.Life


My name is Alex and i’m the creator of Estepona.life.

I first visited Estepona around 20 years ago to visit a friend who lived here. I’d never heard of the place before and didn’t know what to expect.

As soon as I arrived I fell in the love with the town. The beaches, the stunning views of the mountains, the charming streets, the vibrant cafes and bars – I adored everything about the town.

Since then I’ve visited Estepona multiple times every year and two years ago I moved here with my family to make it my home.

What is Estepona.Life?

I created Estepona.life because I wanted to share everything that Estepona has to offer with other English speakers. As I’ve been enjoying Estepona for so long I know quite a lot about the town!

The main goal of the site is to help you get the most from your time in Estepona whether your just visiting for a short time or planning to make it your permanent home.

I’m here to find the best locations, like cafés, restaurants, and hotels, super easy!

I also want to inspire you to try new things with my articles

I update the website on a very regular basis and usually publish to social media every day.

Be sure to follow us on your favorite platforms…

If you can’t find what you need I’m always happy to help, just get in touch with me.

How I review Locations and research our Inspiration guides

All the information and opinions I share are based on first-hand experience.

If I haven’t visited a particular location listed here, I won’t comment until I have.

When I do visit a location I always try to record a video so that you can get feel for the place is like.

I value your opinions too! So, if you’ve visited somewhere in Estepona, I would be grateful if you could share your experience by leaving a comment.

You can also join in the discussions about Estepona in our growing community over on Facebook.

Estepona is a wonderful town that I love, and I hope that once you’ve been here, you’ll fall in love with it too! ❤️

How Estepona.Life is funded

All the content created by Estepona.life is free for you to use and enjoy.

We cover our costs and generate income via sponsors, advertisements and affiliate marketing. You can find out more about our funding here.