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How Estepona.Life is Funded

Our FTC Disclaimer and more…

I often encounter queries like, “Why do you provide all this for free?” and “How do you make money?

This page answers these questions.

Find out how Estepona.Life is funded and why it should matter to you.

Why is do I create content for Estepona.life?

I created Estepona.Life because I’m passionate about this town, my home.

I’ve seen it evolve and grow into an amazing place, unlike anywhere else I’ve been. I feel very fortunate to live in such a wonderful town.

I’ve been a content creator for many years over on my YouTube channel and website and to put it plainly, I was looking for something new.

Something I could create content about that I’m passionate about.

And Estepona and sharing all the good things it has to offer is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time.

So, Estepona.Life was born and I’m always touched when people tell me they’ve had a great time in Estepona based on one of my recommendations 😊.

How Is Estepona.Life Funded?

We prioritize honesty and transparency over everything else.

Such values, we believe, are foundational not only online, but in life in general.

Here are the primary sources that finance Estepona.Life:

1. Sponsorship

Local companies sometimes pay a fee to be featured in our content. If they do, they’ll only be accepted after we’ve tried them out.

If we’re happy with the products and services they provide, we’ll include them.

Listings like this will always be clearly marked “sponsored”, so you’ll know before you make any decisions.

We may also create social media posts for our sponsors.

2. Referral Fees (from affiliate links)

I earn commissions when you purchase services from our recommended companies.

Such an approach to monetization is termed affiliate marketing. Even the internet’s largest brands, including Amazon, eBay, and Google, have affiliate programs.

Many of the sites you frequent employ affiliate marketing to sustain themselves.

Generally, if you see a link to an external website, assume it’s probably an affiliate link. It might not be, but it probably is.

Clicking on these links tags you with a tracking cookie. Should you decide to make a purchase, for example you book a hotel room, we receive a referral commission.

These commissions can vary depending on the product or service.

FAQ on my affiliate links..

  • Will it Cost Me More?
    No, not at all. Sometimes I’m even able to pass on a discount or coupon if you use my link
  • Do You Access My Personal Details?
    Absolutely not. I can’t view any personal details like your name, email, address, or credit card number. What we can see is an anonymous user’s purchase data, including the date/time and what they bought.

3. Advertising

How Can You Help Me?

Creating content takes a lot of time and energy. If you appreciate what I do you can help me out in the following ways.

  • Use my links when you book a hotel or visit an external website.
  • Leave a comment. If you’ve visited one someone of have a something to say about one of our articles we’d love to hear from you. You can post your thought at the bottom of nearly every page on this website.
  • Share my content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

I hope you enjoy Estepona and that our content helps you get the most from you experiences in our wonderful town.

Alex Cooper
Editor at Estepona.life