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Guide to Esteponas Chiringuitos


A Chiringuito is a beach bar or restaurant and Estepona has loads of them. Most of them are now quite fancy (and expensive) restaurants rather than a wooden shack on the beach.

A Chiringuito is a great place for lunch or dinner (and sometimes breakfast).

Situated right on the beach, you can enjoy good food and drinks with the sand between your toes and the sound of the waves coming in.

Most of the Chiringuitos also have a fire where they cook fish and other seafood (Espetos). It’s always delicious and unique to the Malaga and Granada regions.

They are situated all the way along the coast. In this article, I’ll take you through the chiringuitos closest to Estepona.

The Best Chiringuitos in Estepona

In my opinion, these are the Best Chiringuitos in Estepona

  • Chringuito Paco – Great food, Good service, and in a nice location (especially if you have children)
  • La Peseta – Its rustic charm, location, and friendly staff make it great
  • Chiringuito Tropical – A little out of the way but worth a visit. Good food and friendly staff. It’s also not as fancy as some of the others
  • Blue Dolphin (when it’s open!) – I don’t usually eat here but I love having a drink right above the waves

Chiringuitos in Estepona

Chiringuito Paco (⭐️My favorite!⭐️)

Paco’s is my favourite Chiringuito.

I’ve been visiting for lunch for many years and always have a good time.

I’ve always found the food to be very good quality with large portions that are served quickly.

The staff are attentive and generally very friendly.

The location is really good, especially if you have a family as it’s not only on a nice part of the beach but it’s close to the children’s playground.

It is very popular, however, so be sure to book a table in advance.

Highly recommended!

The good

  • Traditional Chiringuito menu
  • The service is always very good
  • Great location in the center of La Rada
  • Close to the children’s playground
  • Great price

The not-so-good

  • Can get very busy
  • Expensive

Find out more about Chiringuito Paco.

La Peseta

La Peseta is one of the last of Chiringuitos to maintain its rustic charm.

The majority of the Chiringuitos in Estepona have become fancy restaurants, which has, of course, led to much higher prices.

The good

  • Traditional, rustic chirnguito
  • The service is always very good
  • You can sit at the bar on the paseo
  • Good if you only want a drink

The not-so-good

  • The toilets are very basic

La Peseta still feels like a shack on the beach serving food and drinks at a reasonable price, which is a good thing!

Be sure to check out our Chiringuito La Peseta T-shirt!


I recently visited Chiringuito Tropical with some friends and family and had a great time.

The service here is friendly and attentive and the Sardine Espetos I had were delicious.

It’s a little way out of the town towards the port but worth a walk.

And if you’re staying in the port you should certainly give it a try!

The good

  • Probably the best Espetos
  • The service is always very friendly
  • Not too fancy. It has character
  • Great if you’re based in the port
  • Reasonable prices

The not-so-good

  • A little bit of a walk if you’re coming from town

Bahia Beach

Bahia Beach is situated in a good location right next to the heart of the old town.

It’s quite expensive, and after reading the latest reviews, I see that the food and service don’t always seem to be that great.

I’ve been a few times, although not very recently and always found it to be ok. Not amazing but not terrible either.

The good

  • Has a nice atmosphere and vibe
  • Very easy to get to
  • On a nice part of the beach

The not-so-good

  • Expensive
  • Has received some negative reviews recently

Africa Beach

I’ve always had a good experience at Africa Beach.

It used to be reasonably priced although recently they have increased their prices.

It’s on a nice spot on the beach and serves good Eseptos. Certainly worth a try if you’re close.

The good

  • Nice location on La Rada Beach
  • Espetos (fish cooked on the fire)
  • Good if you just want a drink

The not-so-good

  • Have recently increased their prices
  • Service can be a little slow when busy

El Madero

I’ve been to Madero recently and it was good, but not amazing.

It is situated in a nice part of the beach and the tables and chairs they have on the sand are well presented.

The food is expensive and the portions are quite small, although it all looks very nice.

They do have WiFi so it’s a good place to enjoy a drink and catch up with some work.

The good

  • Nice seating area on the beach
  • The service is always very good
  • Fast WiFi
  • Nice part of La Rada Beach
  • Good Food

The not-so-good

  • Small portions
  • Expensive


Situated on Cristo Beach, it’s in a great location.

I’ve been to this chiringuito lots of times and it’s always decent.

However, it is expensive, probably due to its location.

If you’re on Cristo Beach and want a cold drink and some food, it’s certainly worth a visit, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit it.

The good

  • It’s on Cristo Beach!
  • Lots of sun beds
  • Good views
  • Reasonable food

The not-so-good

  • Can get very busy
  • Expensive


A nice chiringuito on Cristo Beach.

It’s always difficult to decide between here and Havana. They have different vibes, with Lolailo having a slightly more upmarket feel.

Lolailo is open all year round, so it’s a good place to stop when enjoying a winter walk along the Senda Litoral (coastal path).

The good

  • It’s on Cristo Beach!
  • Open all year
  • Good food
  • Wonderful views

The not-so-good

  • Service can be slow when busy
  • Expensive

Blue Dolphin (currently closed)

Blue Dolphin Beach Bar is a unique place in Estepona.

The place has a very rustic feel to it with plants growing all over the wooden structure.

It’s really close to the water’s edge; it’s like the waves are lapping at your feet! I love to sit here on the water and enjoy a drink whilst taking in the view of Estepona.

The food selection is limited to just BBQ.

They sometimes have flamenco nights with BBQ food, which in my experience is very good.

Unfortunately, they don’t open until quite late in the season, usually around July.

The good

  • Right next to the sea
  • Lovely views of Estepona bay
  • Friendly, laid-back vibe
  • Flamenco shows (sometimes)
  • Rustic charm

The not-so-good

  • Not open very often
  • Limited food options
  • There is always a slight risk you might fall into the sea 😂

Palm Beach (currently closed)

Palm Beach is currently in a transition as it’s recently been acquired by new owners.

I’ll be sure to visit when it opens and update this post when I know what it’s like.

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