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The Best Bacon Sandwiches in Estepona


Sometimes you just need a good bacon sandwich. Maybe you’ve had a late night and need something to pick you up or you’ve just got a craving for some salty bacon in bread, i’ve got you covered.

The Bacon sandwich is the breakfast of champions.

There are only a few places in Estepona that I believe really deliver a great bacon Sandwich experience.

El Caliente

By the way, when I say Bacon Sandwich I’m including rolls too, or bocadillos as they’re called here.

If you know of anywhere else that does a good one, leave a comment below.

The Best Places For a Bacon Sandwich in Estepona


The delicious bacon completo at Sabores

This place is my favorite for a bacon sandwich. It’s just so good. The thing I like the best about this bacon sandwich is that they cook the bacon, so it’s really crispy – something that the Spanish don’t tend to do.

It’s a little bit out of the town centre but it’s worth the walk. The coffee and juice is also really good too.

Find out more about Sabores

El Caliente

The Bacon Especial at El Caliente

El Caliente is one of the most popular breakfast spots in Estepona.

Their specialty is rolls and sandwiches, which they do very well.

And the Bacon is great.

The other great thing about El Caliente is that they are fast.

So if you’re short on time, it’s perfect. They do takeaway too!

Find out more about El Caliente


It’s not an actual Fergies sandwich, but it’s very similar!

I’ll be honest, I’ve not tried to bacon sandwich at Fergusson’s but I have heard very good things about it.

It’s presented in classic English style.

Plenty of bacon between two slices of butter-covered white bread.

You’ll also get a choice of red or brown sauce, but nothing else. I’m sure they’ll fry you an egg, too, if you like.

The perfect hangover remedy! 😡

Find out more about Fergusson’s

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